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Cross Miniature Table Flags With A Classic Brass Base

: Penguin Super Silk

The perfect blend of vintage and glam. Pure brass adds an elegant touch to our finest Penguin Super Silk* flag. It's simply too glamourous to miss.

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Product Overview

One of our most favourite table flags amongst corporates, it is a MUST-HAVE if you prefer a classy touch. As the flag accessories are of pure brass, it requires to be polished from time-to-time due to oxidization. 

  • Product Code : TFS-MCF-PN-BR-001
  • Please mention the specific country flag required besides the Indian flag, in the order form above.
  • All parts of this product can be easily removed/dismantled when required or replaced/interchanged with another. Shipped ready-to-use.

Technical Specs

  • Flag Size : 4" x 6" (" = inches)
  • Fabric : 100% Polyester (Penguin Super Silk*)
  • Print : Screen-printed with the finest disperse dyestuff that have fast colours and is also UV resistant.
  • Precisely and neatly laser cut at the sides to prevent fraying, it slides perfectly into it's staff (pole).


  • 2 Staffs and finial tops readily inserted with the Indian flag and other country flag of your choice, as selected above.
  • Colour : Classic Brass
  • Staff Height : 10" (" = inches)
  • Staff Outer Diameter : 6.35mm
  • Upper-side narrow slit perfectly enables flag to be inserted into it or replaced/interchanged
  • Finial/Top : Round finial top(s)
  • Pure brass metal


  • Colour : Classic Brass
  • Base/Stand Diameter : 68mm (Approx 2.75 inches)
  • Firmly holds flag staff within it's cross-angular holes that maybe easily removed/replaced/interchanged with another flag staff.
  • Solid base of pure brass metal
  • 1mm self-adhesive underlaying foam at the bottom to prevent scratches/damage on glass/wooden surfaces.

What's In The Box?


  • Miniature Table Flag of Size 4" x 6" in our Penguin Super Silk* brand of (India + Other Country) as selected above
  • Flag readily inserted into it's 10" brass staff & round finial top
  • Round brass base/stand
  • All contents packed in our exclusive box packaging


* Penguin Super Silk - Our latest introduction of revolutionary and exceptional quality miniature flags, that are printed with the finest silk screens and supreme quality dyes, which helps to obtain absolute design accuracy and the most vibrant colours. A MUST-HAVE for all corporates, consulates, professionals and quality conscious individuals.


WARNING: The finial top(s) attached to the staff, is a small part & hence poses a CHOKING HAZARD, particularly for children under 4 years.

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  • VAT / CST @ 12.5% is applicable on all flags & flag accessories, EXCEPT the Indian national flag.
  • If taxes are applicable to your product, it has already been included.
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